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Guide to Renting Property

Property tips for tenants


If you are letting, or looking to let a property, it’s probably a lifestyle choice. With this in mind, you need insightful and knowledgeable negotiators on your side.

Our negotiators take it upon themselves to not only keep abreast of the market, but pride themselves on knowing the right tenants and more importantly, the quality of tenant, needed for a successful let. We place a huge importance on minimising void periods, the security and background checks carried out, and the approval needed before a contract is signed. This favours both parties of any agreement.

Finding the right property

When renting a property for the first time, it is important that you look at all your options. Signing up to a new tenancy is typically a 12 month commitment and a decision you should not take lightly. There would be nothing worse than being stuck in a property you do not want to be living in. There are a lot of things to consider when renting for the first time and at the end of the day, it is only you that has to live there.


Everyone renting has a different story. Whether you are renting with your partner, moving out of your family home or relocating for work, it is important you choose a property and a location to suit your lifestyle. There would be no point renting a property for you and your family if there is no outside areas nearby for children to run around, or a socialite living a train, tube and a bus journey away from their friends. Make sure you take the time to look at the local area after your apartment viewing and what it has to offer. It may even be helpful to make a list of the things you would want the local area to include to help you find the right. You can ask your local agents advice also.


Paying the rent is not the only cost that you will come across when renting a property. It is unlikely that bills or council tax will be included in the advertised cost of the rent so always ensure that you know when your bills are due and what they approximately are. You would not want to be stuck with cold showers because you have not budgeted for the water bill one month. Consider how much you can really afford before choosing a property. Ensure you have enough money left each month after paying rent, bills, travel and food to still be able to live your life.


Not everyone has a spare bed or sofa to move around with them so it is important to consider whether you need a furnished or unfurnished property. Most furnished properties will include the basic large furniture so it is worth making a note of what is included in the flat to ensure you have all the supplies you need before you move in. Even if a property is furnished, that does not mean that you cannot personalise the flat and make a house a home. Decorate with your own bed linen, cushions, picture frames and so on.

Client Money Protection

To ensure that you have full peace-of-mind with your deposit, we are members of the Client Money Protection Scheme.